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Increasing planning, efficiency and satisfaction within healthcare

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EventMAP solutions facilitate enhanced healthcare environments for patients and staff while making best use of resources through creation and deployment of optimised scheduling and planning. We have trusted partnerships with an increasing number of NHS Trusts delivering a range of enhanced planning and management solutions.

Our team bring both experience and a unique collection of techniques and software that can deliver highly efficient estates and digital resource solutions that transform how our clients provide services.
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Effective Management

We have deployed various elements of the Optime Suite to allow NHS Trusts to better manage and plan their activity, people and resource. Booker has been adopted by a growing number of trusts to help plan and manage desk and room provision and usage. Our Timetabler functionality delivers an effective automated solution for managing and planning activity such as clinical, non clinical and training course scheduling and delivery.

Flexible, fast and user-friendly, The Optime Suite been designed to easily integrate with existing systems and administrative practices.

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Trusted Partnership and Collaborations

EventMAP form effective relationships through partnering with clients in achieving short and long term objectives. The outcome of this delivers sustainable intuitive solutions while empowering our client base to both plan and manage more effectively. As examples, our long term partnership with Quality Trusted Solutions, wholly owned by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust has resulted in the development of ERIC Automation functionality within our Audit tool. Our partnership with South London and Maudsley Trust has resulted in the development of an effective solution to help schedule outpatients resulting in best use of resource while delivering a flexible improved service. Our recent collaboration with Mid South Essex NHS Foundation Trust is aimed at fine tuning our Accommodation Tool.

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Planning for Success

EventMAP work with our Health Care clients to employ a range of planning techniques, at a time of significant funding pressure, with a view of some services being delivered in community settings, which would, in turn, free up space in hospital for those who are acutely unwell.

Our team of healthcare specialists have worked with clients and appreciate there is still room for improvement in efficiency as demonstrated through ‘Model Hospital’. Our space planning tools help to create an effective analysis processes to help Trusts understand usage patterns, identify areas where poor usage is occurring and identify how and where this is linked with clinical delivery.

The validated resource model is used to trial, ‘what-if’ scenarios in our planning software. In the planning environment, EventMAP are able to trial changes to activities and resource use within the estate. This provides the ability to measure and report on the impact of proposed changes on micro and macro levels and validate growth-based scenarios.

Within the Optime Suite, our Planner functionality caters for short to long term planning in response to external and internal factors.

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Sustainable Transformation

The increasingly ‘agile’ nature of modern working practices has created the opportunity to transform large estates which is also the case including both clinical and non-clinical space types. In terms of both space type and function, enabling staff to function more efficiently and interactively. Estate Strategic Planning is an area which EventMAP are experienced in delivering. As part of the toolbox used we provide strategic expertise leading on a number of key strategies, such as the development of feasibility studies, options appraisals to the creation of 3- or 5-year Estates Strategy and delivery to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

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