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Creating ultra-efficient, high-functioning estate assets for large organisations.

Estate transformation – or estate planning for new estate requirements – is an area to which EventMAP bring both experience and a unique toolbox of techniques and software that can deliver highly efficient estates that deliver in the long term for large organisations.

The increasingly ‘agile’ nature of modern working practices has created the opportunity to transform large estates. In terms of both space type and function, fixed desk space is giving way to more flexible, collaborative working – enabling staff to function more efficiently and interactively and, on a macro level, for the overall planning of space to become massively more cost-efficient.

Delivering effective transformation relies on the ability to understand and effectively implement optimisation. For new estate, our planning tools can develop scenarios for capacity modelling and map user requirements onto an estate in an optimum manner to ensure buildings, and their occupants, can function in the most efficient way possible.

For the transformation of existing estate, our planning tools and methodologies can provide options on how best this can be achieved though optimising existing function, space types and layouts. The benefit of this approach is cost can be minimised while maximising the implementation of agile smarter working environments.

With a wealth of experience in this field, EventMAP can enable genuine, lasting, change that will deliver long-term cost savings to large organisations. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to take your through both your options and examples of previous projects.

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