Smarter Working | EventMAP

Our SmarterWorking programme delivers sustainable savings and improved experiences through intelligent provision and usage of space.

We can help you achieve the perfect workplace environment by ensuring culture, workspace and technology become both integrated and strategic enablers of your adopted vision.

Implementation of a Smarter Working programme requires a combination, and integration, of leadership, direction, guidance, support, technology, engagement, workplace set-up, processes, staging, scheduling, optimisation, measurement, incentivisation and communication. EventMAP can help define and put the associated steps in place to deliver a fully integrated approach that will provide the service required to deliver against the agreed strategic objectives.

EventMAP’s team includes highly experienced ‘workplace’ practitioners capable of providing detailed qualitative surveying and consultancy in areas such as:

• Workplace cultural analysis

• Workplace environment design

• Employee persona development

• Employee journey mapping

• Employee needs assessments

• Workforce migration planning

• Estates and engagement strategies

EventMAP is able to provide a service encompassing all elements of organisational optimisation that is capable of providing an unparalleled depth of both quantitative and qualitative analysis – alongside the ability to provide the tools necessary to both implement change and, uniquely, ensure the ability to operate optimally becomes part of an organisation’s standard operations.

EventMAP's transformative optimisation solutions can deliver permanently optimised ecosystems: find out more.