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Making training management perform for large organisations.

Managing training activities within any large-scale organisation has always been an unenviably difficult task. Balancing varied and often highly specialised estate and equipment requirements with trainer and trainee availability requires an enormous amount of administrative time by way of rota and room booking management.

The management tools available to most organisations for these activities generally do not allow for effectively planning and make it very difficult for organisations to gain any kind of effective oversight of activities at a strategic level.

The solution? EventMAP's SmarterTraining team will analyse your training requirements and model a highly effective solution to optimise your space allocation, trainer allocation and attendance (DNA) wastage management.

With a scheduling strategy firmly in place, our bespoke training management software and room booking tools will then allow you to standardise administrative processes and eliminate repetitive, error-prone manual tasks – replacing them with rule-driven automation. Administrative staff will be trained how to optimise the scheduling potential of trainer teaching time.

Over the past several years, EventMAP have worked with a number of public sector bodies within the UK to analyse training programs, and develop new strategies for estate use and attendee scheduling, delivering change programmes that delivered beyond expectations.

“EventMAP showed not just how to right-size the physical estate but also how the training could be delivered with reduced resources. The team worked directly with the MPS training administration teams to demonstrate and deliver a new approach to scheduling.”

Matthew Punshon, Metropolitan Police Service – Property Services

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