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Delivering quality student experience is an issue facing every higher and further education institution today. Ensuring that students’ expectations and needs are met, and ideally surpassed, is now a key part of the overall business and operational strategy of every institution.

With ‘value for money’ becoming an increasing motivator for choosing their education institution, every student expects needs-based schedules, adequate rooms, dedicated staff contact hours and appropriate resources to be delivered as standard.

It can be a challenge to balance this with staff needs, administration needs, room utilisation, timetabling policies and estate strategies. Smarter planning can, of course, ensure that all of this is taken into consideration, but the decision on exactly how to plan and benchmark this delivery varies from institution to institution. Feedback from students and staff is often qualitative, making it difficult to make measured adjustments for improved quality.

Working with our clients, it became apparent that there was a need to measure, model and report on how scheduling and resource provision could play a part in improving the overall student experience in a quantitative way.

In response to this need, we worked collaboratively with partnering institutions to develop a set of student quality metrics base on key resource indicators (KRIs) which can be used to report on how efficiently your schedule is performing in line with your defined needs, and used on an on-going basis to model more effective solutions for time and resource planning.

KRIs include days used (by term), consecutive days used (by term), teaching without a break, total contact hours, largest break in teaching and many more. Within our software you can report on and analyse performance institution-wide, drill down by department and measure against timetable quality, staff quality and room utilisation – giving you detailed insight into how your schedule, estate and resources are delivering for your students against your timetable policy, utilisation policy and estate strategy.

Traditionally, KRI metrics, and the ability model and report on them, are tied to your scheduling software and come as standard in EVENT. However, we appreciate that many institutions have long-standing relationships with existing scheduling providers and that switching to a new provider may not be appropriate for a number of reasons. In order to ensure that all institutions can benefit, we’ve incorporated our student quality metrics, in addition to our timetable quality, staff quality, enrolment quality and room usage metrics into our standalone modelling and reporting software RESOURCE.

RESOURCE is designed to interface with most third-party scheduling providers, allowing institutions direct access to this information without having to change providers. Eventmap can import and reformat data in an OPTIME-friendly format, and our consultancy team can model scenarios for your institution, or if you prefer, train your staff to run scenarios in house.

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