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Optimisation of Scheduling and Delivery for Metropolitan Police Service Hendon Training School

Optimisation of Scheduling and Delivery for Metropolitan Police Service Hendon Training School
Metropolitan Police Service
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EventMAP’s optimisation of training scheduling and delivery supports co-location of training services and a reduced fixed estate.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) cover the whole of the Capital’s policing needs with 33,000 officers 24/7, 365 days a year in one of the world’s greatest capital cities. Their remit now covers an increasingly wide scope from burglary to anti-terrorism providing nationally and internationally recognised services.

The Challenge

As part of the ratification and enablement of the Estates Strategy the delivery of training across the MET was to be co-located to Hendon Training School. The supply and demand for space in the new location needed to be ratified to reduce risk for the MPS and persuade stakeholders that the planned approach was viable. This was to include the training teams at Hendon, Marlowe House and Sovereign gate and MPSTC teams at Gravesend.

Working with the distinct requirements of each training team to in ensuring training infrastructure within the MPS is used in the most efficient way possible, encapsulating the processes and the scheduling service necessary to ensure the separate locations could deliver against the developing training requirement.

The Solution

EventMAP leveraged our REMAP methodology – part consultancy, part data modelling and part analysis – to worked with the client to provide an overview of their current resources, expert advice on how to optimise their use and the modelling tools necessary to bring them in line with their demand cycles and evolving strategic objectives.

EventMAP embedded a member of the EventMAP operations team within the MPS organisation, to facilitate the project, and develop close working relationships needed to find the optimum solution.

We worked the MPS teams to undertake data gathering and quality analysis, space analysis and profiling, stakeholder workshops and reviews, benchmarking space performance, timetable data analysis and scheduling best practice analysis to get to the core of the MPS needs so that we could provide a more effective solution.

The Results

Working closely with a network of MPS Personnel across the Met Training, Firearms and Public Order teams we provided a clarity of current resource usage and constraints, identified potential efficiencies by coordination of effort across teams, then gained agreement on steps required to achieve a joined up approach to planning and modelling, standardisation and good practice.

The new approach was validated through engagement, with tools provided to ensure transparency in planning, modelling and scheduling whilst strengthening the planning capacity.

In summary, offering a scheduling service within MPS capable of delivering against the current and future challenges of both the demand on training but also the optimised use of the available estate.

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