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EventMAP’s Visitor Management Solution Goes Live for Cancer Research UK Institute, University of Cambridge

Cancer Research UK use Optime Booker as their visitor management solution.

March 16, 2022

Established in 2007, the CRUK Institute combines basic and clinical research with innovative technologies to address critical questions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They are a department of the University of Cambridge, and part of the Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.

They have a state-of-the-art facility located at the Biomedical Campus at Cambridge which is one of the largest centres of health science and medical research in Europe, and are core funded by Cancer Research UK.


EventMAP has a track record of working with clients who have a need, and were prepared to work with a supplier in seeking an outcome which improves the efficiency of their business operations. CRUK had already adopted EventMAP’s room and resource booking solution, Booker, and benefited from its simple but effective user interface. With that in mind they approached EventMAP to extend the capabilities of the system to include Visitor Management. The need is to enable a user to book visitors into the institute as an individual request, or as part of booking a room for a meeting with external attendees, where guests are automatically booked into the Visitor Management capability.

It did not take much to persuade EventMAP to see the value of an integrated solution for CRUK. So, they worked together on specifying the solution. CRUK took a significant role in this endeavour, and engaged in testing and piloting activities, providing feedback on both the functionality and the user experience at every stage. The resulting functionality is fully integrated into Booker, and CRUK staff are now able to request visitors which are managed by the Reception team at the front of the building.


The value of working with such an enthusiastic client is that with great feedback, and some great ideas which enhanced the product (such as icon indicators to identify visitor types ‘contractors’, ‘visitors’ and ‘new starters’). Combined with the ability to add arrival instructions, so that the reception team could address the visitors needs and improve the experience of the guest. As well as the ability to automatically record new visitor contact details, which could be used in subsequent bookings, helps to speed up future bookings and reduced input errors.

We have had very positive feedback from CRUK and are continuing to develop further capabilities and improvements to the system, as part of an ongoing relationship. This is to ensure these products continue to meet their evolving needs, aiming to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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