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King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to deploy EventMAP software


Almost a year ago, EventMAP were retained by King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KCH) in London to produce a wide-ranging workplace occupancy and utilisation analysis. Over the last year we’ve helped KCH develop a more complete understanding of their existing resource use and produced a broad range of modelling and scenario planning to develop an understanding of where effective efficiency changes can be implemented across the Trust’s estate.

Following on from this successful project, we’re delighted to announce that KCH will now be deploying a suite of EventMAP software on site to improve their entire process of room booking, training resource management and office space organisation within their Denmark Hill and Princess Royal University Hospital sites. We have chosen to deploy a range of applications from our new Optime Scheduling Cloud (OSC) suite of products – which, besides being extremely intuitive, user-friendly tools, harness the full power of our Optime Scheduling Engine in a flexible, easy to deploy way.

Among the OSC products that will be deployed initially are:

Booker: a room search and booking app that works intelligently to permit fast, efficient requirement- and location-based room booking across large facilities and estates, delivered with a comprehensive suite of intuitive management tools.

Timetabler: a highly-sophisticated scheduling app that achieves fast, flexible and accurate auto-scheduling of training courses and training modules, using complex, constraint-based centralised and/or decentralised timetabling and scheduling for all estate and human resources – with the ability to perform training and resource modelling and ‘what-if’ scenario modelling.

Combined with the ongoing workplace consultancy that we’ve also been undertaking for the Trust, we’re confident that the associated change and efficiency planning will now reap significant benefits both within day-to-day site management and the overall site master planning process.

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