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EventMAP have spent 20 years creating and delivering solutions and products that solve complex scheduling and resource allocation problems. Our products service a wide variety of timetabling, scheduling, room management, resource modelling and utilisation management needs. We offer solutions that can service large and small organisations on local and/or cloud hosted platforms. You can discover our areas of service below – or, alternatively, request a consultation and we can take you through potential solutions for your organisation.

Room Booking & Management

Universities and large organisations are now under unprecedented pressure to maximise time, space, resource and administrative efficiency. With EventMAP’s tools, staying on top of the management of schedule reporting and room booking has never been easier – or more effective.

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Examination Planning & Timetabling

EventMAP have collaborated with exam timetablers for 15 years to create a user-friendly scheduling environment that provides the functionality needed to get the job done perfectly, every time – with powerful, feature-rich examination scheduling and invigilation tools designed to work intuitively for end users.

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Ceremony Management

The management of graduation ceremonies has always been something that universities and training institutions have had to find their own way with. EventMAP now provides unique tools to perform the end-to-end management of the entire process, taking care of planning, attendee and student ticket allocation management and automatic seat organisation.

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OSC Ceremonies

Resource & Utilisation Planning

Understanding schedule and estate performance across your institution and being able to measure the impact of change is vital in maintaining quality and generating growth. EventMAP can provide powerful, insightful tools to enable organisations to make carefully informed strategic operational and resource decisions.

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RESOURCE       OSC Audit

Course Timetabling & Schedule Planning

Without the power to automate, optimise and measure the quality and management of course delivery effectively, large educational institutions simply can’t operate competitively. EventMAP’s tools have been designed in conjunction with real-world users from higher education, further education and training institutions and employ cutting-edge, AI-based software tools to deliver fast, flexible and accurate solutions.

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OSS EVENT      OSC Timetabler

Training Timetabling & Schedule Planning

The planning, management and efficient delivery of training courses within large-scale commercial and public sector organisations comes with its own unique set of requirements and challenges – which have never been properly addressed with a fit-for-purpose software solution. Working in conjunction with large public sector institutions, EventMAP have developed a solution which now fully meets the needs of training planners.

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