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Large-scale organisations and educational institutions can waste millions of pounds every year due to poor utilisation. At a time when universities and public sector organisations in the UK and abroad are facing unprecedented financial pressures, and when large-scale industry faces ever-greater demands for enhanced efficiency and productivity, it is crucial for organisations to develop an accurate overview of where and why their utilisation is underperforming – and implement tools to solve the problem.

EventMAP have been working with clients to incorporate the ability to measure, analyse, model and plan improvements using a combination of our bespoke software and highly experienced ‘workplace’ practitioners capable of providing detailed qualitative surveying and consultancy – eliminating the need for generalised consultancy exercises that may ultimately not generate the kinds of long-term solutions that are really required.

Improved utilisation rates can lead to improved staff and student experience within universities and workplaces, better retention, improved estate use and a reduction in overall spend.

Our clients have expressed the need to have tools powerful enough to manage their utilisation issues on an on-going basis. We’ve worked with them to incorporate direct reporting facilities in our survey and auditing, scheduling and room-booking products as standard. Users are capable of monitoring utilisation rates in real-time and making changes to schedules and room allocation accordingly. If a more in-depth approach is required, our analysts can work with your team to review your data and create a live data model, capable of running fine-grained scenarios to discover problem areas and trialling possible solutions for change. Regardless of your need, we can offer a hands-on, immersive approach.

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