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In an era of funding cuts and increased competition, universities, public bodies and other complex institutions need, more than ever, to ensure that they have the necessary strategies in place to ensure that all their assets – both physical and human – are organised in the most efficient way possible. An increased focus on the quality of, and flexibility within, the teaching and workplace environments means that organisations need to maximise their operational efficiency in order to be able to respond quickly to demands placed on finite resources.

When developing medium- and long-term strategies involving changes made to the estate, organisations must be able to take a wide overview – not just across all departments and facilities, but across all the many interactions between them, in terms of staffing, scheduling, training timetabling and actual usage.

This, of course, means an increasingly centralised, more holistic approach towards utilising space, whereby space is used efficiently, unlocking the potential for individual departments within an organisation to maximise their space utilisation without compromising quality of work or flexibility. In order to realise this full potential of space, organisations need to have the right tools – to be able to gauge needs effectively, with meaningful and accurate data that assists with informed planning and operational decisions.

The institutions that have moved forward fastest in this area have already found that there are significant cost savings, rationalisations and efficiencies that can be made throughout their operations, which rather than diminish their ability to respond to student requirements, actually enhance this ability – effectively providing a better experience without increasing operational budgets or capital expenditure.

EventMAP have been involved in many space profiling and modelling exercises for clients over the years – examining estate use against industry standards and modelling growth strategies based on desired utilisation, estate size and configuration. Working with clients within the university sector, industry and large public bodies, we’ve established that the most viable way to create a long-term, cost-effective space strategy that takes into account all organisational requirements is to validate the space model against scheduling and operational requirements. In our experience it has lead to more refined strategies that deliver higher quality results and, in many instances, significant savings.

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