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Increasing Army Operational Delivery at Ministry of Defence Army Headquarters

Increasing Army Operational Delivery at Ministry of Defence Army Headquarters
Ministry of Defence
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EventMAP’s utilisation study expertise supporting the possible increase in Army operational delivery.

The MoD provides the defence capability for the UK and acts as a specialist training supplier for service people across all of the three armed services. The military command, Headquarters Land Forces (HQLF), Andover, is part of the structure of the British Army.

The base accommodates more than 2,000 military and civilian personnel. The HQLF controls all the troops of the British Army across the world. It is responsible for providing equipment including tanks, attack helicopters and infantry vehicles.

The Challenge

This utilisation study was undertaken to understand the use of built assets at Andover to determine if these expensive estates were being utilised within benchmarked standards. This survey covered 100% of accessible desk space at Andover covering ten buildings on the site. It also covered all meeting rooms and breakout spaces that were located on all of the surveyed floors. The Utilisation Survey was undertaken over the course of a week which was agreed as ‘typical’ for the operations on site.

The Solution

EventMAP were able to highlight that all work areas were being utilised below benchmarked standards and that the higher capacity floors were the floors with the lowest average occupancy levels. This study demonstrated that at peak occupancy a high percentage of desks were unoccupied indicating scope to rationalise space and increase activity to improve overall utilisation, in addition meeting rooms and breakout spaces also had relatively low levels of occupancy.

The Benefits

The concept of ownership of workspace was identified as a constraint on increasing the levels of utilisation. Centralised oversight of shared desk spaces was suggested to help improve levels of utilisation and assist in providing transparency in this area. It was therefore proven that based on the results of our report, with the levels of utilisation observed across all buildings, Army HQ, Andover could take more activity or co-location of other operational activities on the site.

Images: Ministry of Defence (OGL)

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