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Metropolitan Police Service Baseline Benefits Studies

Metropolitan Police Service Baseline Benefits Studies
Metropolitan Police Service
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EventMAP’s Data Optimisation approach used to baseline Estates Programme Benefits.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) cover the whole of the Capital’s policing needs with 33,000 officers 24/7, 365 days a year in one of the world’s greatest capital cities. Their remit now covers an increasingly wide scope from burglary to anti-terrorism providing nationally and internationally recognised services.

The Challenge

In common with many large programmes of this type the time elapsed between the development, sign off and funding of the estates strategy and the implementation inevitably leaves a period where a re-baselining of the programme is necessary. There had been operational changes especially in the command units and police stations in the interim period.

The MET’s original business case used industry standards to form the basis of the space needed and the desk sharing ratios to attain financial investment and sign off however a more accurate baseline was needed before programme delivery.

The Solution

Before the estates programme was initiated in 2019 EventMAP identified the need to re-baseline the current utilisation of the main HQ building Empress State Building and a Basic Command Unit HQ (the HQ for an area of operational policing) in Colindale.

The Results

The surveys provided the indicative utilisation for all HQ buildings and BCU HQs to be used as the baseline in establishing the success of the estates programme in terms of increasing utilisation, the reduction in total desk count across the MPS and the operational units, down to team level who would be re-surveyed 6 months after implementation of the refurbished buildings being delivered.

This in turn would provide data to identify further opportunities to improve the use of the estate by the property department, and support the identification of space for the proposed uplift in officers in future years.

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