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The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) represents one of the most complex organisational and operational environments in the world. At the forefront of transformation, it has to proactively adapt to constantly evolving culture, technology and threats.

For almost a decade, the MPS have trusted a dedicated EventMAP team to deliver some its most complex and strategic transformation. In doing so, our innovative products and services have ensured the MPS remains positioned to deliver its primary objective - Keeping London safe for everyone.

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Estate Strategy

We have been at the heart of the MPS Estate Strategy since 2016. Our leading edge approach, which combines intelligence, insight and software has shaped the strategies direction while providing an informed foundation for robust, repeatable decision making. This has allowed the MPS to reinforce operational priorities while realising significant efficiencies across its property portfolio.

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Resource and Space Modelling

Our team are the creator and custodian of the MPS estate model allowing for interaction and modelling of all aspects of the estate. This relates to existing and new projects as well as general what if scenarios based on initiatives such as flexible working, carbon zero initiative etc. Training and knowledge transfer are key elements of the service enabling MPS staff to take responsibility for data strategy and interfacing with institutional knowledge.

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Workplace Decant & Optimisation

Underpinning Smarter Working, we deliver large scale decant and space optimisation programmes across the MPS. Utilising our multi-functional teams, we have planned, designed and delivered the re-location of over 7000 MPS officers and staff across the estate. Our end-to-end approach maximises user engagement while minimising business and operational disruption.

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Resource Utilisation Analysis

We have deployed our trusted, data-based analysis to create a deeper, meaningful understanding of the MPS estate utilisation. Centered around key strategic sites such as New Scotland Yard, Empress State Building, Lambeth HQ and Hendon Training Center, we discovered invaluable insights in to both macro and micro space usage. Our recommendations underpinned robust, real-world decisions while allowing us to design truly optimised workplaces.

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Training Resource Planning

We have deployed our resource planning methodology to provide a holistic view of the MPS resource portfolio with particular emphasis on training. This view, combined with our expert advice and modelling tools has allowed the MPS to align their resource profile to their demand cycles and evolving strategic objectives.

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Hybrid Working

Having shaped the Estates Strategy, we helped to introduced Smarter Working across the MPS. A generational leap in culture, we leveraged our vast experience, proven expertise and deep understanding of Police Services to deliver a sustainable, people focused transformation programme.

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