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Metropolitan Police Service Firearms Training Schedule Optimisation

Metropolitan Police Service Firearms Training Schedule Optimisation
Metropolitan Police Service
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EventMAP’s optimisation of training scheduling and delivery supports co-location of firearms training services and a reduced fixed estate.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) cover the whole of the Capital’s policing needs with 33,000 officers 24/7, 365 days a year in one of the world’s greatest capital cities. Their remit now covers an increasingly wide scope from burglary to anti-terrorism providing nationally and internationally recognised services.

The Challenge

In common with many large programmes of this type, before new approaches are considered, impact assessments are undertaken to support the development of fully costed business cases for new operating models. In this case a new firearms officer role was being considered, in alignment with the increase in 20,000 officers announced for the UK by the UK government in 2019.

The Solution

EventMAP took on the assignment to both model the impact on the training estate, including firearms ranges, classrooms and other training facilities managed by the MPSTC School at Gravesend, and develop a detailed finance model to cost the current and future costs of the introduction of a new firearms role, and its potential impact on resources at MPSTC. Partners Moorhouse focussed on the impact assessment of the role itself, operating methods and the locations that the new role could be effective, whilst EventMAP took the detailed estates and finance modelling task to allow the business case over the next five years and beyond to be modelled and submitted for approval in early 2020.

The Results

The modelling and option development will be delivered in early 2020, and will give the MPS the ability to model different options and understand the impact on the fixed estate and the financial impact of any new Firearms role the MPS. The senior stakeholder engagement to develop the models has allowed the specialist forces used in Firearms OCUs to more easily accept the findings, and allow the MPS to make more strategic decisions on the need for new estate resources to be considered in the next 10 years to support any new firearms roles. Additionally, with the depth of insight needed to develop the models, it has defined the benefits and constraints in making changes, and in doing so has supported better facts-based decision making.

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