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University Academy 92 Scheduling, Placement and Ceremonies Management

University Academy 92 Scheduling, Placement and Ceremonies Management
University Academy 92
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Introducing digital end-to-end curriculum scheduling, placement and ceremonies management for the UK’s newest university.

University Academy 92 (UA92) is a new university co-founded in 2017 by Lancaster University and members of Manchester United’s Class of 92. It is a higher education institution based in Greater Manchester, and officially launched for the first few hundred students to embark on their studies in October 2019. Their primary focus was to attract students who “otherwise might not go on to higher education”, and initially offer six undergraduate degrees, with plans to increase their degree offerings with further courses to be made available in future years.

The Challenge

Lancaster University, as part of the UA92 project, contacted EventMAP having successfully used our Timetabler product at their Ghana campus, to review our end to end cloud-based software offerings for timetabling and scheduling to support the management of the curriculum and other aspects of university life. The requirement was to deliver a timetabling system for curriculum event scheduling and management with the capability of publishing timetables live for viewing online, with staff and student access. The system also needed to handle room booking for staff and students with PREVENT compliance and technical API integration with their current LUSI system for syncing curriculum and user information, event schedules and attendance records into one system.

The Solution

EventMAP analysis identified that the combination of Timetabler for curriculum, and Booker for room management would fulfil their needs. We implemented a trial of the software with representatives from Lancaster University and UA92 to evaluate the software and to identify any additional functionality needed to fit their workflows. Additional software requirements for student placement and graduation ceremony management for 2020, along with attendance monitoring and reporting, were added to the software in time for the on-boarding of new timetabling staff prior to the opening of the University.

The Benefits

University Academy 92 has benefited from the implementation of our software by having a integrated scheduling software package, eradicating the normal complications with the integration of multiple third-party systems for resource management in the University sector. The software has allowed UA92 timetable administrators to create digital course schedules and allow staff to record student attendance digitally. The attendance reports have proven especially beneficial in reducing the time spent on administrative duties for both academic and administrative staff. These benefits will also increase over the coming years as the university expands its degree courses and planned enrolments increase substantially.

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