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Peterhouse and EventMAP join forces to develop new Event Management and Student Accommodation booking system


Adding to an already busy summer of announcements, we can at last reveal another exciting new project that’s already underway at EventMAP. This time we are working with Peterhouse College, Cambridge, to develop a new conference and event management system, and a student accommodation booking system.

Peterhouse, the oldest of thirty-one University of Cambridge colleges, was founded in 1284 and has a rich history of fostering world-changing innovators – such as Charles Babbage, who originated the concept of a digital programmable computer in the 1820s, and Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine. Today, the college is attended by approximately 254 undergraduates, 116 graduates and 54 fellows.

Peterhouse had been seeking a supplier to provide a modern technological solution to some age-old university problems. Namely, how to efficiently and simply manage the administration of conferences, events, and student accommodation. For Peterhouse, these activities typically range from simple meetings with catering, to large-scale dining occasions such as weddings and conferences. They also include complex summer school activities with accommodation, classrooms and catering, taking place over multiple days or weeks. All of these activities require a system capable of delivering a highly optimal use of College resources and service capabilities, as well as the ability to fully manage billing and seamlessly integrate with the College’s accounting systems.

After carrying out a vendor selection process, Peterhouse decided to join forces with EventMAP to develop a cloud-based solution that would match their needs. The solution, which is based on our already-successful room and resource booking product Booker, will deliver a highly capable, easy-to-use product in line with the polished user experience available throughout all our OPTIME products. With high visibility of accurate information helping Peterhouse to manage events and student accommodation, the solution will assist staff who provide roles such as catering, butlering, portering and housekeeping, etc. It will also greatly assist with the smooth running of the college by administration staff responsible for managing these services.

Once completed, these two new specialist offerings, which we’re calling “Conference” and “Accommodation”, will be completely integrated with the other packages in EventMAP‘s OPTIME family. Along with Booker, these solutions will then be available to any college or institution seeking a similar, single-supplier solution.

We’re really looking forward to delivering this solution for Peterhouse, and developing this progressing relationship, thereby ensuring that these products continue to meet their evolving needs over time and improve their efficiencies and reduce costs.

You can find out more about our Booker solution here.

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